Tehran Farafan Gas Co. is a manufacturing and trading company in the field of gas and its related equipment. TFG is one of the leading suppliers of industrial, medical and special gases and has been supplying high pressure Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and other pure gases since 1999. TFG’s well-trained production team is proud to produce a variety of gas mixtures in ppm and percentage concentrations such as calibration gas mixtures, welding, cutting, fire extinguishing, air pollutions gas standards etc. Tehran Farafan Gas Co. provides refrigerant gases) R134a, FM200 etc. (under the brand name “FaraFridge”. TFG  also provides gas related equipment such as gas cylinder bundles, baskets, pressure regulators, cylinder valves, sample cylinders, cryogenic flasks etc. Being certified for ISO 17025, TFG’s well-equipped laboratory is able to analyze a wide range of pure gases and gas mixtures. TFG’s physical testing unit is qualified to perform Periodic Hydraulic test of seamless cylinders. Tehran Farafan Gas Co. is a well –known and reputable company in the eyes of the customers and has been able to attract customers from many sectors of the industry such as petrochemicals, oil and gas refineries, casting and steel industry, electronics, cement industry, automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, universities and research institutes. Tehran Farafan Gas Co.  is honored to have the opportunity to provide products and services to meet the needs of its dear customers

فرافن گاز تهران