Technical repairs:

This company provides services in the field of manufacturing and technical repairs of gas-related equipment, which provides services in accordance with the needs of our dear customers. Our services include:

  • Design, manufacture and repair of all types of bundles: Various types of bundles in different dimensions are made horizontally and vertically according to ISO 10961 and ISIRI 13114 standards.
  • Repair of all types of cylinder valves: Cylinder valve is the most vulnerable part of a cylinder. Therefore, the need to repair the valve is inevitable. Tehran Farafan Gas’s experienced Staff has the ability and knowledge to repair all types of cylinder valves such as BS3, BS4, DIN1, DIN6, CGA330 etc.
  • Repair of all types of regulators according to customer’s demand: Another service of the technical unit is repairing all types of single-stage and two-stage regulators. Our technical team has the ability to repair all kinds of industrial and laboratory regulators from the most reputable American, European and Asian brands.
  • Making all kinds of adapters and connections for different kinds of valves: In some cases, the output of the valve connected to the cylinder needs to be changed. One of the services provided by Tehran Farafan Gas’s technical team is to make an adapter to change the output valve to suit the customer’s needs.
  • Technical consulting, design and implementation of industrial and laboratory gas transmission and distribution control systems

Coloring and shot blast:

Methods such as labeling can be used to identify the content of gas cylinders.

Color coding of cylinders can also be used as a second method for representing the gas inside the cylinder. For this purpose, the BS EN 1089-3 standard is being implemented in European countries. Also, in 2011, the National Organization for Standardization of Iran prepared and compiled the ISIRI 712 standard which is the translated version of the European standard.

 The scope of application of these standards are cylinders containing industrial gases, respiratory gases , medical gases, etc. with the exception of cylinders containing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), refrigerant gas containers and fire extinguishing cylinders .

The color of each cylinder must be applied to the shoulder of the cylinder, and there are limitations regarding the body color of the cylinder such as following:

  • The body of the industrial gas cylinders must not be colored white. Cylinders containing medical and breathing gases are distinguished from industrial cylinders by the application of white paint on their bodies.
  • The body of the cylinder should not be painted in a way that it would cause an error in detecting the danger or type of gas inside the cylinder.

For example, the light green color in this standard indicates that the gas is neutral, and it is better not to use it for the cylinder body, which contains flammable or toxic and corrosive gas. In this regard, Tehran Farafan Gas Company paints all its cylinders according to the standard. We also do shot blast and coloring of customer cylinders according to their wishes. The table below shows a comparison of the colors of the cylinders of some large European companies and the colors that are commonly used in Iran:

Gas cylinder color standard for industrial use:

Gas cylinder color standard for medical use:

Gas cylinder color standard